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Hello Enhance Auto Team,
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a healthy, joyful and successful New Year!!!!!

By way of update, this is to inform your good office I received the Car on 31st December 2018, attached herewith please find picture of it. I appreciate for excellent service and maximum cooperation from your august office!!!!

by Paul Ndijenyene

I would like thanks you guys for your help and support since day one i decided to buy a car from you.
My car Was arrive safe two weeks ago and it was in good condition!!
Be blessed all the staff especial mina from tanzania she was being so helpful to me since day one
God Blessed you all and your campany.

by Daniel Zacharia


Thank you so much
I have recieved my car in a good condition

Thank you so much team.we have done a wonderfull business,apreciation goes to Edward,Mina and others.

I will continue doing business with you in my next ride next year

by Kissah Martin Mbilla

Hello Mr Macha
Thank you very much for this car.
I receive the car with good condition.
I am happy and I never regret buying from enhance-auto.
I will come back letter when I have deal


I am already enjoying the BREVIS ai300, the suspension system proves that there is serious work on checking the vehicle by enhance auto Japan, it has reminded me the TOyota progres when it arrived...the air conditioner is working properly in this winter period and making me lazy to come out from the car, Music system is wonderful; i have received tremendous support from enhance auto tanzania and i am grateful...they sent to me the fender and door as they were dented...Thank you for the good Job. Long live ENHANCE-AUTO !