How to buy Japanese used cars

Buy Japanese used cars with easy step that anyone can understand

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note: Please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding how to buy the used car through us EnhanceAuto!

  • Step1 Choose your car|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto
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  • Step2 Discuss Price and Conditions|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto
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  • Step3 Require the (P/I) Proforma Invoice|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto
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  • Step4 Click the “Confirm to Buy!|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto”
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  • Step5 Payment by (T/T) Telegraphic Transfer|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto
  • Step6 Book your car|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto
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  • Step7 Shipping Schedule|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto
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  • Step8 Final Check for Document (B/L) Bill of Lading|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto
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  • Step9 Dispatch B/L Documents|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto
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  • Step10 Delivery of the car|Japanese Used Car Exporter Enhance Auto

Step 1): Choose your car

Choose your vehicle

When you decide to buy a suitable car, submit an Inquiry.
Enhance staff e-mail you back within 10 minutes.

note: Please make sure all your detail carefully, that will be used for the shipping document.

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Step 2): Discuss Price & Conditions

The following things should be discussed by ‘Message-Board’.

Total Price :
FOB Price (not including freight cost) or
C&F Price (including freight cost)
Body condition of the car

note:Message-Board’ is similar to web-chat-system that allows to communicate on the ‘message board’ that are exchanged by only buyer/seller. The communications are secured over the internet by SSL(Secure Socket Layer).

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Step 3): Require the (P/I) Proforma Invoice

When you agree the price, please request an original (P/I). Our sales team will send you the (P/I) within 1 working day.

note: the quotation price is guaranteed for a limited period due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rate&shipping charges. The invoice shall provide you with the full cost of the car as well as bank information.

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Step 4): Click the “Confirm to Buy!

Please make sure all your detail on the (P/I), & Click the ‘Confirm to Buy’ on the (P/I).The car will be hold as your reserved for 48 hours.

note: when you click ‘Confirm to Buy’, please send the ‘Web-Message’ for us.

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Step 5):Payment

The car will be hold as your reserve for 48 hours after we receive your ‘Confirm to Buy’.
When we receive 100% full payment , we start shipping procedure up to your port.

(a) Payment by Remittance to local bank

One way will be local remittance.

note 1:Please add payment information (Proforma invoice number, the reference number of your car & consignee name) in the column of your remittance, if you choose local remittance as your payment. More detailed sender information should help us to specify the remittance & the car chosen.

Company : Enhance Auto (T) Ltd
Account Number : 014-6005136
Bank Address : P O Box 5137, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Swift Code : BARCTZTZ
Company : Enhance Auto East Africa Limited.
Bank : Absa Bank Kenya Plc
Branch (CODE) : NKRUMAH BRANCH.(016.)
Account Number : 016-2040439830.
Bank Address : P O Box 90182, Mombasa, Kenya.
Swift Code : BARCKENX.
Company : Enhance Auto Zambia Limited
Account Number : 001-1003222
Bank Address : Elunda Office Park,Plot 4643 and 4644, Addis Abba Round About,Rhodes Park,P.O.Box 31936,Lusaka,10101,Zambia
Swift Code : BARCZMLX
(b)Payment by (T/T) Telegraphic Transfer

The other alternative of payment will be telegraphic transfer (T/T).

note 1: Money transfer charge (Bank fee) is buyer’s responsibility, because it is not included to C&F price.
note 2: Please attach the T/T copy after your payment.

Company : Enhance Auto Co.,Ltd
Company address : 6-1 NAGISA-CHO, IZUMIOTSU-CITY, OSAKA 595-0055, JAPAN
Branch (CODE) : KOHAMA BRANCH (117)
Account Number : 0123803
Swift Code : SMBCJPJT
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Step 6): Book your car

Re-confirm the consignee detail.
1) Consignee Name for B/L
2) Notify Party (person who receive the shipping notice)
3) Documents Destination Address (DHL/EMS address)

note: We need Full Name, Full Address & Phone Number for ALL of the above.

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Step 7): Shipping Schedule

We inform you the shipping schedule ETD (departure), & ETA (arrival). The shipping notices (name/schedule) are changed sometimes due to some reason that delay of ship or unexpected trouble, like insufficient crew member or disaster. Also it is impossible to compensate for those situations.

note: in that case, we inform you next shipping schedule as soon as possible.

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Step 8): Final Check for Document (B/L) Bill of Lading

Shipping company will send us B/L documents 10-12 days after the shipping departure, we will send you a copy of B/L documents by ‘Web-Message’.

note: You may not be able to amend the B/L once we send it out to you.

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Step 9): Dispatch B/L Documents

After we receive re-confirm your document details, we will send you the original document by DHL / EMS.

note: Tracking Number will be informed you on ‘Web-Message’.

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Step 10): Delivery of the car

Pick up your car at your port. Please make sure you bring all necessary documents to custom clearance.

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